Energy Zone

Initial Brief:

An established business working in the challenging and fast moving sector of renewable energy wanted to re-focus their business on the renewable sector as whole, rather than just Solar PV for which they were previously known for. Changing tariffs and reductions in government support meant a need for diversification.

Brochure Design


We conducted multiple brain-storming sessions to come up with new names for the business. Concept sketches and visual design ideas to support the names were produced. Retaining the key letters 'E and Z' from their previous branding helped to re-enforce the new brand.


A credible and quick transition to the new branding in time for a large trade show meant no momentum was lost.

Van Wrap Design
Icon Design

Featured Graphic Work

Energy Zone

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Wayne Dudley, Director
Our brochures, business cards, website and emails were created and set up with the minimum fuss and have given us an up to date image.
ACS Registrars Ltd

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