Mobile website design

With more and more people accessing the internet via their mobile devices you will want to consider whether this will benefit your website and if so, what method is best for you.

Adaptive V Responsive

There are two options, Adaptive web design and Responsive web design. We can advise you on which option is most suitable for your website.

However, It is now widely recognised that the most effective method of developing a mobile optimised website is to use the “adaptive method”.

Adaptive web design uses the server to detect the device being used (eg. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) and serves the content in a layout specifically designed for that device; for example, you may get a different design for each device. A large image that is not needed on a small screen may be removed completely when the website is viewed on a mobile phone.

Benefits of a mobile website include:

  • Easier navigation for mobile users
    Helps your customer find what they are looking for regardless of the device being used.
    Improve visitor experience across all mobile devices
    Serves up information and layout designed for the device being used.
    Increase conversion rates by highlighting calls to action
    Identify the actions you require from your customers and direct them using bold touch points.

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