Email Marketing

An email campaign is a very cost-effective way of communicating regularly with your customers and prospects.

We provide full reporting on open rates and click-through rates. We can also identify the contact names and telephone numbers of the people who have clicked through from the email to your website. Following up on these leads increases your chances of gaining new business.

Your customers and prospects are not always in a position to buy from you straight away for a variety of reasons. By maintaining regular contact, you can keep your company in their mind for when they are ready to make a purchase.

We recommend you start by building up a list from your existing customer base. You can then expand your list by obtaining email addresses from prospects visiting your website, telephone marketing or direct mail campaigns.

Email marketing provides an effective way of:

    Maintaining contact with customers and prospects
    Regular emails to your customers will remind them of your business and promote your products or services.
    Communicating sales promotions
    Tactical promotions and offers to increase sales.
    Sending regular newsletters
    Newsletters keep your customers up to date with your latest products or services.
    Links to your website
    Drive traffic to your website by including additional content on your website to complement the information in the email.

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