Clients often come to us exasperated that their website is not generating the sales or enquiries they expected.

It is easy to think “build it and they will come” but these days with so much competition, unless you do something to drive traffic to your website it will end up rarely being visited.

With most searches, research and buying decisions being made online by businesses and consumers alike, it makes sense to start with online promotions to get things moving.

Google accounts for somewhere around 90% of all online searches, so if you want your site to be found you need to be high on the Google page rankings for at least some of your main keywords.

There are two ways to achieve a page one listing, one is instant, the other can take a while longer.  The two methods are:

1.    Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising
2.    Search Engine Optimisation/Search Marketing, improvements to the website.

Google Adwords
If you want immediate results to start driving traffic to your website from day one, then Google Adwords provides a very effective and measurable way of achieving this. However, costs need to be carefully assessed and research carried out to find out which keywords to use and how much you will have to bid for them.

Search Engine Optimisation/Search Marketing
This is all about the quality of your website. This includes how the website has been built to conform to certain standards to ensure the website performs well for users and search engines. Just as important is the content on the pages and how pages work and link together.

Where your site is currently positioned on the search pages and how competitive your particular industry or category is will determine how much work will be required to gradually move the site to a page one position. This can take weeks or months to achieve so has to be regarded as a long term goal.

Future blogs will cover both of these options in more detail, in the meantime if you want to find out more about Google Adwords go to our Marketing Services page.

Mark Langston