Domain Names
If you own a website you will own a domain name. Domain names typically follow the '' format.

These domain names need to be renewed, usually every two years. The registered keeper of the domain name will receive notification in good time via email, of the requirement to re-register.

There are however unscrupulous fraudsters that send out emails to domain owners purporting to be 'expiry notices' or 'expiration notice' for your domain. They are made to make you think you need to pay, but in fact most are fake and are just trying to get you to pay money for a service that is not necessary.

If you read these emails carefully you should not be fooled, but if not, a glance is enough to make people worry about losing their domain name. In reality this is a very unlikely occurrence, but it is possible in certain circumstances if email reminders are ignored. The fraudsters play on this.

At Crystal Thought we take care of all domain registrations on behalf of our clients who choose to host their domain names with us. This guarantees that you do not need to worry about your domain name again, as we ensure that the registration is kept up to date and you need not waste your time reading spam emails about it.

William Withers