With Christmas fast approaching, businesses that rely on this time of the year to generate a large proportion of their annual sales will be using every effective advertising method to reach their target audience and maximise sales.

Google-christmasIf you provide services or products that are more relevant and popular during certain months of the year, online advertising is an effective way of driving traffic to your website and increasing sales. Campaigns can be set up and live within hours. Your adverts can be targeted to a specific audience and geographic area. Conversions can be measured. When the event or season has ended the campaign can be switched off and restarted at any time.

Google Adwords Pay Per Click
Google advertising is ideal for timely and targeted campaigns. Adverts can be set up quickly and turned on immediately to take full advantage of the season or event.

The Google search engine is still the most popular and offers a wide range of features to ensure adverts are targeted, relevant and measurable:
  • Page one position can be achieved for instant traffic to your website
  • Google vouchers for £75 (new accounts only) are available towards advertising costs*
  • Adverts can be made visible within a precise geographic area, nationally or globally
  • Campaigns can be turned on and off when required
  • You only pay for clicks through to your website
  • Budgets can be set and monitored daily
  • Adverts are targeted to your audience using relative messages and keywords
  • The effectiveness of adverts can be monitored
  • Multiple adverts can be tested and measured
  • The most suitable keywords can be sourced to achieve the most relevant click throughs
Whether you are a seasonal business or not, a well-managed and targeted online advertising campaign may be worth a trial. It need not cost a fortune to test the water and Google will contribute £75 towards your advertising costs*.

Talk to us about running a trial to find out if online advertising could benefit your business.

Mark Langston

*Subject to availability