Google_AdwordsAre you already doing Google Adwords or thinking about giving it a go?

Are you getting enough additional sales to cover the ad spend?

Are you getting the results you expected?

You could be wasting a lot of your hard-earned advertising budget if your campaigns are not performing as well as they could.

I have been running successful Google Adwords campaigns since they started over 15 years ago and can make sure that your campaigns are set up correctly to achieve a steady stream of targeted leads to your website.

By carefully researching the keywords your customers use to find your products or services, your advert will appear in front of them on the first page of a Google search.

You can target the geographic area you want to cover. A business may want to target customers within a 30-mile radius, the whole of the UK or the whole world.

If you have not used the Google Adwords interface before, some of the most important factors in setting up a successful campaign are:

Keyword research
Do you know which keywords generate the most searches?
Using Google’s keyword tool and putting in a generic seed keyword, you will discover lots of other variations which may cost less than a generic search term.

Ad groups
Each set of keywords you discover will be allocated to an ad group. You may have multiple ad groups set up with relating keywords. Use the relevant keyword in your ad to improve the relevancy and click through rate. Use the same keyword on your website’s landing page to achieve a good quality score.

Quality score
There are many factors Google uses to assess a keyword’s quality score. Scores range from 1 (poor) to 10 (good). Google will assess the relevance of the ad to the content on the landing page. If you have a higher quality score on your keywords compared to your competition, your bid price will be lower than theirs.

Write and test more than one advert in each ad group and continually trial new ads against the old ones to keep improving the click through rate. This will help maintain a high position for your ad on the page without having to bid higher.

Negative keywords
A negative keyword is a word that is related but not relevant to your product or service. Always add negative keywords and continue to add more as your campaign progresses. This will minimise the risk of a wasted a click.

Google remarketing
Whether you're looking to drive sales activity, increase registrations or promote awareness of your brand:
  • You can reach people on your remarketing lists across their devices as they browse over 2 million websites and mobile apps.
  • Show ads to previous visitors who are actively looking for your products or services on Google search.
Will it work for me?
Before we start, I will do some research to find out if Adwords is right for you, free of charge, no commitment, nothing.

If you already have an Adwords account, I can check to see if is performing as it should, again free of charge.

I just need to know some information about your products, your competitors and your target market to find out if Adwords will work for you

If you think Google Adwords can help your business or you need help with an existing campaign, give me a call or request a call back by hovering over "Contact us" in the menu.

Mark Langston